Menswear Veteran Hagen Peyser Launches His Own Collection

MR Magazine – 1/12/2018

Menswear veteran Hagen Peyser, who over his many years in the menswear community has held executive positions at David Donahue and Robert Talbott, is stepping out on his own. Beginning this month, Peyser will be showcasing a new line of menswear to fine specialty retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.
The line, aptly called Hagen, will start with an in-stock dress shirt program that will be available late this spring, followed by a seasonal dress shirt collection for fall 2018, and finally a full sportswear collection of shirts, knitwear, sweaters, and soft jackets for spring 2019.
His main focus is aimed squarely at a specialty store business, and, somewhat counter to current thinking, Peyser has determined not to compete with his retailers by operating a dedicated e-commerce site.
“I think my retail accounts will react favorably to the idea that I’m not interested in competing with them, but rather in supporting their success with the line,” said Peyser. “By offering our in-stock program for spring they’ll be able to get a taste of what we’ll be able to provide them as we go forward.”
The line is crafted entirely of European fabrics and the product will be manufactured in Europe as well. Informed by a decidedly luxurious sensibility, Peyser’s intent is to maintain a “fashionably wearable” point-of-view and to establish the line with the sort of hallmarks that define the better shirt category; luxurious fabrics, finely detailed stitching, buttons, buttonholes, and premium packaging. He believes that his extensive knowledge of the industry, personal, long-term relationships with influential retailers across the U.S. and Canada, extensive experience of the entire process, from? design concept and coloring through fabric production and fit to pricing, packaging, and retail display, will help establish the brand within its initial season.
Perhaps more important even than the breadth of his experience, Peyser relies on the quality of that experience, as well as a sure and certain comprehension of the nuances of the business. “I believe that I understand exactly what defines the differences between better and best,” he added. “My goal is to build a company that does business in just the way that I learned from the Audrey Talbott; put the customer first and treat them like family. Build great quality and stylish product.”
Hagen will be available over the next few months at the New York, Chicago, and Dallas apparel shows. For additional information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Hagen Peyser at 831-262-7415 or at